Colleges and universities often provide both physical and psychological protection for their students and faculty during and and after a campus or community emergency.  Often, these institutions already have teams in place to lead these activities. We work primarily with these teams – usually counseling and student life staff – to support them in the practicalities of immediately responding to critical incidents. We provide training, consultation to help these teams think through implementing their response plans, and can be available to help in real-time, as needed.

Sue has returned to our campus multiple times to train our university staff and faculty in CISM. She provides a strong conceptual framework along with experiential exercises that prepare participants to effectively facilitate defusings and debriefings in highly stressful situations. In addition, she tailors the presentation to the participants’ context, so examples and scenarios resonate deeply and it is easy to remain engaged.

Miriam R. Hill, Ph.D., LMFT
Director of Counseling Services, Bethel University