The work of organ procurement organizations (OPOs) exposes employees to unique workplace stressors. Although the mission and vision of saving and enhancing lives is a strong motivator and gives meaning to the work, employee commitment to this mission and vision can be worn down by the emotional and physical intensity of the work and unprotected exposure to human distress. Employees then become at risk for burnout, compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress. This, in turn, can lead to poor employee job performance or skilled, highly-trained employees leaving the organization.

Fortunately, there are a number of physical, cognitive, social and interpersonal best practices that can be taught to employees to help manage stress and cultivate resilience, as well as organizational strategies for addressing the unique stressors of organ procurement work.

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What sets Sue apart is her commitment to fully understand the processes, roles and culture of an organization prior to implementing new ideas and interventions. Our team has found she grasps the unique nature of the OPO world and creates successful strategies that work in our environment. CISC has provided us with concrete tools and skills that have made our organization, and the individuals within it, more resilient.

Laura Svoboda, MSW, LISW
Family Services Manager, LifeSource

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