EMS & Fire

Emergency services are the lifeline of a community. While responding to crises and disasters can be rewarding, chronic and acute stress are common job hazards. Long hours, time pressures and high expectations from others and themselves can lead first responders to experience compassion fatigue, burnout, secondary traumatic stress and moral injury. Addressing the impact of these job hazards can help cushion stress, increase resiliency and lead people toward healing so that these critical helpers can take care of themselves in order to take care of others.


Sue is a clinical advisor to our Peer Support Team and brings an expertise in mental and behavioral health that complements our expertise in emergency services. Her contributions to our team are monumental; we’re trying to change the culture of an industry that hasn’t always taught us how to take care of ourselves. Her collaboration is the difference between our team being a bunch of well-intentioned firefighters who want to see people get better, and a team that has the tools and information to create change in a positive direction.

Brett Riewe
Fire Captain & Peer Support Team Coordinator
St. Paul Fire Department