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We work with clients in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area and across the country in a variety of helping positions, including hospital and healthcare professionals, first responders, organ procurement organizations (OPOs), universities and critical incident stress management (CISM) teams. While people who work in helping fields have generally chosen their profession to be of service to others, they are not immune to the chronic and, sometimes, acute stress inherent in their role. We provide evidence-based strategies and techniques to help embed resilience into organizations and lead people toward healing following a critical incident.

A critical incident can be any event that is distressing and unusual for a workplace, often unexpected, that causes normal stress reactions that overwhelm a person’s typical coping skills. By providing appropriate interventions, we’re able to help people return to their normal routine with fewer lingering symptoms.

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EMS & Fire


CISM Teams


I’ve been an employee assistance leader for a long time and am a firm believer in the power of CISM. I’ve regularly heard from employees that it’s very helpful to come together and have conversation about a critical incident. They feel better, their stress is relieved and they return to baseline more quickly. If you’re considering hiring Sue to partner with you for CISM,                          I unequivocally believe she’s a great choice.

Sharon Sinclair, MA, LP
Employee Assistance Manager at Allina Health