In addition to client-specific training, we offer in-person and online training courses throughout the year.

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In-person training is available by request.


Traumatic Events and the Ripple Effect on Campus Communities

This is a three-part webinar series addressing innovative strategies for providing psychological first aid following traumatic events that impact groups in college and university campus communities. 



Minimizing Empathy/Enhancing Compassion: Strategies to Mitigate Emotional Fatigue

This presentation will describe why and how empathy wears down professional caregivers while compassion enhances satisfaction. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the difference. Protective practices will be proposed. This presentation will address reactions to pediatric death as well as other “disturbing” cases.  


“Letting Go” of  Difficult Patient Care Experiences

This presentation will help participants identify which cases “get under the skin” and are more difficult to let go. Discussion will cover why this happens to even seasoned professionals, and the role this phenomenon plays in burnout and fatigue. Practical strategies to remove the “stickiness” will be provided.  This presentation will also address imagery memories and dreams about cases. 


Parasympathetic RESET: How to De-escalate your Stress Reaction in Two Minutes

In this presentation, participants will learn a 2-minute evidence-based protocol to quickly “destress” while working.