About Kristin

Kristin Canan, 


Consultant &

Trauma Therapist

As an experienced professional in crisis intervention, trauma therapy, victim advocacy, clinical program development, eating disorders, addictions, and suicidality, I have partnered with various clinical, emergency service (law enforcement/EMS/fire), hospital, bereavement, and faith-based organizations to serve in leadership positions, offer care to individuals in need, implement staff support structures, develop programs, direct and supervise programs, and serve as an organizational consultant. 
In addition to serving as a consultant with CISC, I also currently have the privilege of being part of the ER team at a Level 1 Trauma Emergency Center in St. Paul, responding to a variety of imminent crises that present to the emergency room.  
Working in various direct practice and leadership roles in a multitude of settings has deepened my passion for and commitment to ensuring helping professionals have the support they deserve, particularly helping professionals that are exposed to trauma in their daily work lives. I have learned over the years that most of us who are gifted in crisis and trauma response are great at showing up for others but tend to neglect our own needs. I am confident if we can challenge stigma around helping professionals needing and seeking support of their own, and initiate preventative and reparative steps to heal toxic work environments, we can greatly reduce burnout, staff turnover rates, professional career changes, and provider depression and suicide rates. We can also simultaneously improve our patient care and consistently offer our patients the caliber of care they deserve.
This is what particularly excites me in my role as a consultant with CISC. We get to show up for you as you continue to show up for all those you serve. 
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