About Jeff

Jeff Eberhard, MSW, LGSW


Since 2002 I’ve been working in the field of social work, supporting marginalized communities. My experiences include supporting unhoused individuals and families; clients diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness; chronic substance use and other chronic health conditions; providing individual support; and facilitating psycho-social groups.  I have worked in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, acute mental health treatment and shelters. I’m currently the Supportive Services Manager in a Supportive Housing program.  Through these experiences I have seen firsthand how the work we do as caring professionals can take its toll on our individual well-being.
As a leader in various agencies I approach my work with a sense of calm and openness. I bring to my work a commitment to developing strategies and tools for maintaining ourselves so that we can continue to provide compassion and empathy for others. I am motivated to share these experiences with other through my work as a consultant with CISC.