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Critical Incident Stress Consultants (CISC) is dedicated to providing evidence-based resiliency strategies and support following toxic stress exposure to help the helpers stay in their chosen field. Located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area, we work with clients locally and across the country. When you engage Critical Incident Stress Consultants, you engage a team of experienced professionals.

Sue Johnston, LICSW

CEO & Founder

I began CISC because I’m passionate about helping the helper. If we ask people to do the hard work of taking care of society’s needs – be it through emergency services, the medical or mental health professions, nonprofits, or humanitarian aid – we must support them. I am also passionate about training CISM and peer teams to effectively implement strategies that will help the helpers. Maintaining and improving intervention skills should be a regular practice for these teams in order to develop ‘muscle memory’ of the intervention procedures. Without such practice, the result is the commonly seen problems for which CISM is criticized. As a trauma treatment specialist, I have learned the tricks of the trade to keep crisis interventions specific and effective.

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Kathy Abrams, MA

Psychologist &

Retired Deputy Sheriff

During my 25-year career in law enforcement as a dispatcher, jailer, patrol officer, detective, and watch commander, there were no helpful interventions. The prevailing attitude was “Buck up and get over it,” which is not a healthy attitude in responding to critical incidents or chronic stress. After my first few debriefing interventions, I was hooked on the way in which I could help first responders and the public normalize a critical incident and help them move on. I am incredibly motivated to help keep first responders mentally healthy for their careers, their families and their communities. Their job should never get in the way of off-duty life.

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Becky Ousley

Communications Consultant

I’ve always been passionate about communication – telling stories and sharing ideas that connect people. My 18+ years of non-profit communication experience combines this passion with my dedication to serving others. Advocating for solutions to homelessness and inspiring people to register as organ, eye and tissue donors has helped me hone the ability to distill complex ideas into simpler narratives with sensitivity and compassion.

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